The more you raise for homeless pets, the bigger difference you make — and the more prizes you unlock. Raising just $65 helps provide vaccines to a pet, and raising $100 cares for a litter of puppies/kittens for a day. With your help, we can give a second chance to the pets who need us most. 


We've created a variety of tools for you to make fundraising easy, successful and fun! Download the Fundraising Tool Kit for tips on how to get started, how to build a team, how to raise your first $500 and a variety of sample messages you can use for emails, social post, or text messages! 
Instructional Videos: 

 Need help getting started in your participant center? Download the Fundraising Tool Kit and check out these helpful tools!


Fundraising Prizes 



Earn EVEN MORE prizes by competing in the following fundraising challenges, but pay attention to contest dates - these challenges are available for a limited time only! 

Individual Fundraising Challenge

  • Raise $50 by August 22 and get the 2023 Iowa Dog Jog t-shirt!

Team Captain Challenges:

  • First team challenge coming soon!


  1. Personalize your fundraising page! This lets your community know why you're taking part in the Iowa Dog Jog and why you are committed to helping pets.  
  2. Reach out to your closest family and friends with a personalized email that let's them know why you are taking part and why their support matters. Link them to your personalized fundraising page where they can easily make a donation.
  3. Don't hesitate to ask! Pets are party of our family and have impacted so many people in a significant way, reach out to your broader personal and professional network with an ask for support.   
  4. Announce that you are taking part in the Iowa Dog Jog on your social media channels and include a link to your personal fundraising page.
  5. Post about your training and fundraising progress on your social media channels to keep your network informed of the incredible effort you are undertaking. Include a link to your personal fundraising page. 
  6. Always thank your donors in a personalized way! Let them know how much their support means to you. 
Pro Tip: Many companies will match your donations which means you can double, or even triple, the impact YOU are making on pets in need! Click here to see if your company offers matching gifts.


Right click each image to download and start using the graphics below when sharing your fundraiser! 
IDJ Social Graphic            IDJ Social Graphic
IDJ Social Graphic     IDJ Social Graphic


IDJ Facebook Cover Photo Horse     IDJ Facebook Cover Photo Rabbit
IDJ Facebook Cover Photo Cat     IDJ Facebook Cover Photo Dog

You can also use these badges to take your fundraising to the next level! 
These graphics can be shared on your personal fundraising page and social media so those donating can know just how their contribution is benefitting pets in need:
Iowa Dog Jog 2021:MILESTONE:1112 Iowa Dog Jog 2021:MILESTONE:1113 Iowa Dog Jog 2021:MILESTONE:1140 Iowa Dog Jog 2021:MILESTONE:1141 Iowa Dog Jog 2021:MILESTONE:1142 Iowa Dog Jog 2021:MILESTONE:1143 Iowa Dog Jog 2021:MILESTONE:1144 Iowa Dog Jog 2021:MILESTONE:1145 Iowa Dog Jog 2021:MILESTONE:1146 Iowa Dog Jog 2021:MILESTONE:1110




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